How we found the house

I recently re-read our ‘list of requirements’ written when we first started looking for a house in Andalucía. The keywords were: peace, quiet, private, nature, quality, seclusion. Well, we certainly achieved that. the valley 14-5-12white lace and yellow spikes 1-7-14Many things on the list we didn’t get: for example, we wanted a garage, and we definitely wanted mains water, gas and electricity. The house was found for us in 2008 by an Andalucian property search company, after a year of viewing houses around Andalucía – from Antequera to Gaucín, Granada to Ronda. We purposely avoided the coast and any major towns, concentrating on villages and country houses.

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

I remember our first sighting of the house we were to buy. Unusually, our property searcher had not visited the house first as it was not actually on the market: in true Andalusian fashion, he had been told that the owners were considering moving. We had learnt early on in the process that looking in estate agents’ windows would not find us a house, instead our property searcher made contact on the ground with local ‘fixers’ in bars over many cups of coffee. Local gossip, a friend-of-a-friend…yellow wildflower 28-4-11So we drove one August morning down this long track, past olive trees, our excitement growing. Down the hill, around the corner, and in front of us lay this secret valley. In truth, we were sold from the first sighting even though the house most definitely did not tick the majority of boxes on our ‘list of requirements’. We didn’t want a building project – we took over one [below in 2006].

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

We wanted mains utilities, we didn’t have one service connected. We fell in love with the valley. And we have the most fantastic views, serenity, and nature on our doorstep. view from the terrace sofa 25-8-13the big walnut tree seen from the terrace 7-8-13So it is with heavy hearts that we are selling our house. For further information, click here.

5 to remember
una lista – a list
las necesidades – the requirements
el aislamiento – the seclusion
un garaje – a garage
una finca – a country house

10 thoughts on “How we found the house

  1. topdogshove

    Such a sad shock to hear that you are selling. Such an adventure & achievement you have had & what an amazing house you have created. I wish I could afford. I have loved your posts. Good luck. What / where will you go? X 



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