Wind, there’s no escaping it in southern Spain. Travel along the major roads and coastlines and you will find molinos on the hillsides. They are elegant things, architectural almost. Spain is a leader in wind and solar energy, our house is energy self-sufficient using wind and solar energy. We live without power lines. turbines in distance1 10-10-14turbines in distance2 10-10-14turbines in distance3 10-10-14Click here to read our adventures with solar and wind power… turbines in distance4 10-10-14here to read about our solar-heated water supply… turbines in distance5 10-10-14… and here to read how we live without mains water, taking our water 100% from a spring. turbines in distance6 10-10-14turbines in distance7 10-10-145 to remember
un molino – a wind turbine
el viento – the wind
eólico/a – wind-powered
autosuficiente – self-sufficient
cien por ciento – 100%

6 thoughts on “Molinos

  1. Lottie Nevin

    It was only a couple of days ago, that I was telling my Irishman about your home. I’m not sure how the convo started but I remembered your post from a few months back about having solar panels and I was really impressed with how you managed to go ‘off-grid’. Big round of applause, and a huge BRAVO! One day (when we’ve got our roof in order, because we have no land) we hope to follow suit! 😀



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