The threshing patch through the year

The ancient threshing patch located in the middle of our olive grove is a benchmark of the seasons. 3 threshing patch 17-3-13In March [above], the grass sodden by winter is flattened… 4 threshing patch 28-4-11April [above] and there is lush new grass with a splash of red poppies… 7 threshing patch 9-7-14July [above] and the summer heat is rising and the green is now tined with golden grass… 8 the threshing patch 24-8-14August [above] and the threshing patch is golden and parched, like the earth surrounding it. No rain since February… 10 threshing patch 9-10-13In October [above] the grass is now shoulder-high, sprinkled with yellow autumn wildflowers… 11 threshing patch - burnt 17-11-13November [above] and the leaves are golden on the trees. Pablo has burnt the grass from the threshing patch to allow it to renew for the new season. Next spring we expect an abundance of wildflowers here.
5 to remember
reseco/a – parched
de alrededor – surrounding
a la altura del hombro – shoulder-high
ha quemado – has burnt
una abundancia – an abundance

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