The old blue bridge

Everywhere around the countryside here, things are done the old way. It is a reminder that Spain lost decades of development during the Franco era while the rest of Europe recovered post-war. Many of these ways are because of lack of money or lack of an alternative way, others are retained because they still work and therefore do not need replacing. There is a make-do-and-mend mentality here which chimes with the modern idea of sustainability and ‘Reduce Re-use Recycle’. the old blue bridge1 26-3-13This footbridge is a remnant of the olden days. It crosses the river at the foot of our valley and is the only alternative if the road bridge is flooded. It is precarious and our neighbours use it only when they have absolutely no other choice. the old blue bridge2 26-3-135 to remember
la mentalidad – the mentality
la sostenibilidad – sustainability
los vecinos – the neighbours
precario/a – precarious
la elección – the choice

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