East-West dip

We all live global lives today, don’t we? This beany dip symbolises modern life. It’s an Italian recipe, eaten in a Saigon hotel made by a Vietnamese chef, and now it is a regular supper dish for us in England and Spain. It couldn’t be simpler, it’s one of those dishes you can make from the cupboard and the fridge when you think you have nothing to eat. parmesan, chunk 1-10-141 tin white beans [we used cannellini]
Large chunk of Parmesan
Extra virgin olive oil
½-1 tsp freshly ground black pepper cannellini beans 1-10-14Drain and rinse the beans, and put into a food processor with chunks of Parmesan. There are no amounts for this recipe, so I suggest you add what you think is the right amount of cheese then add to it when you test the flavour. We like black pepper as a seasoning, so we added 1 tsp, but you may prefer to add ½ tsp first and a little more on tasting. Finally add a really good slug of olive oil. ingredients in food processor 1-10-14Whizz it in the processor, then take the lid off for a taste test and a stir. If the mixture is too stiff, add more olive oil. Keep on adding olive oil and whizzing, until the consistency is as you prefer it. This might depend on the accompaniments. If you are eating it as a spread on bread or biscuits, it can be thick. But if you want to dip in crudités, add more olive oil to make it thinner. olive oil, bottle 1-10-14Check the taste again, adding more cheese or pepper if required, then serve chilled. It keeps really well in a sealed plastic bowl in the fridge. plateful 1-10-145 to remember
global – global
simboliza – it symbolises
moderno/a – modern
la vida – the life
el Vietnam – Vietnam

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