A surprising potato pasta

I don’t think I’ve ever made a pasta dish which includes potatoes, somehow as carbohydrates they don’t seem to belong together. But this is one of those recipes discovered when idly flicking through a cookbook looking for something to cook which does not involved a visit to a supermarket. We just happened to have everything required. potatoes, beans & pasta in pan 11-7-14It turned out to be something of a revelation. If you’ve got potatoes, green beans and a pot of ready-made pesto [I keep a couple of pots in the freezer], you can make it too. pesto sauce - spoonful 11-7-14Serves 4
1 pot of ready-made pesto sauce, or your own home-made variety
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
200g potatoes, floury
400g pasta, fresh or dried
Handful of fine green beans, top removed [leave the wispy ends on]
Handful of grated parmesan or manchego parmesan, chunk 11-7-14potato - close-up 11-7-14Peel and cut the potatoes into 1cm slices and put them into a large pan of salted water. The idea is to cook the pasta in this pan as well, so make sure it’s big enough. green beans - close-up 11-7-14green beans - tips & scissors 11-7-14Bring to the boil, cook until the potatoes are tender but still hold their shape. Add the pasta to the water. pasta, fresh 11-7-14If you are using fresh pasta, add the green beans also, and cook for three minutes. If you are using dried pasta, let the pasta cook first then add the green beans three minutes before the pasta is done. The potatoes will break up [if they are Spanish waxy potatoes, you may need to give them a little help by breaking them up with a knife] which is the Italian way.

Once the potatoes, pasta and beans are cooked, drain into a colander. Save some of the cooking water. Put the pasta and vegetables into a large bowl with the pesto. add the pesto to the pan 11-7-14Toss it together to combine thoroughly, adding a little cooking water if the sauce is too thick. Season well, and serve straight away with grated parmesan on top. parmesan on top 11-7-14plateful 11-7-145 to remember
los carbohidratos – the carbohydrates
ociosamente – idly
todo necesario – everything required
una revelación – a revelation
el pesto – the pesto sauce

Jamie's Kitchen by Jamie Oliver 12-7-14


‘Jamie’s Kitchen’ by Jamie Oliver [Michael Joseph]

2 thoughts on “A surprising potato pasta

  1. vera ersilia

    When I was a child in Italy rice and potato soup was often served. I hated it. But in northern Italy I never heard of pasta and potatoes in those years. Of course every family ate differently then.

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