Signs of man

Driving along Spanish country roads, it feels as if each field has its own sign. Plastic, new metal, rusted metal. Some so old the writing has long been illegible. old sign1 10-10-14sociedad de cazedores - sign 10-10-14coto privado de caza - sign5 10-10-14Most of these are to do with hunting. Shooting game [partridge, rabbits, boar] for the pot is a regular country activity around here. Some fields sport the welcoming notices coto deportivo de caza or coto privado de caza [hunting reserve], some parts of the campo belong to specific hunting clubs, una sociedad de cazadores. coto privado de caza - sign3 10-10-14coto deportivo de caza - sign2 10-10-14coto privado de caza - sign2 10-10-14Others seek privacy, prohibido el paso means ‘entry forbidden’, propiedad privada is ‘private property’. prohibido el paso - sign 10-10-14old sign3 10-10-14coto privado de caza - sign6 10-10-14coto privado de caza - sign7 10-10-14This road sign makes me chuckle. road sign - cow or bull 10-10-14It is a rare sight to see a cow in a field around here, it is just too hot for dairy cows [and the cow on this sign definitely has an udder]. At this time of year it is common enough to see bulls and young bullocks in the oak groves. coto deportivo de caza - sign1 10-10-14old sign2 10-10-14coto privado de caza - sign1 10-10-14coto privado de caza - sign4 10-10-145 to remember
un letrero – a sign/notice
ilegible – illegible
el coto – reserve [game/fishing]
un toro – a bull
un novillo – a bullock

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