Poplars through the seasons

Through the year, I think my favourite tree of the valley is the poplar. It pays to be patient, as spring arrives and the bare branches of winter burst into life with the purest green of leaves, that type of green that says ‘new life’. 8 August bark - tennis court tree 27-8-13The bark is so wonderfully crusty it makes me want to touch it. And then, after a summer set to the soundtrack of wind swishing through the poplar leaves, comes Autumn Showtime.

Here is the photographic story of our poplar year.

March, in sun and cloud…

3 March poplars in valley bottom1 26-3-133 March poplars in valley bottom2 26-3-133 March poplars1 15-3-13April, and the fluffy seeds disperse… 4 April chopo seeds in april 28-4-114 April chopo seeds in april2 28-4-114 April poplars in the valley 28-4-11May, saplings are planted… 5 May poplars saplings planted on bottom terrace - 2nd spring 1-5-13July…7 poplars 8-7-14August… 8 poplars 24-8-14November… 11 Nov poplars in nov - photo David 15-11-095 to remember
el preferido/la preferida – the favourite
paciente – patient
lo más puro – purest
crujiente – crusty
la banda sonora – the soundtrack

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