The drainage solution

June, 2006. Summer. And then a storm came, followed by a flood. We didn’t live here then, so we are thankful to our predecessors who had to deal with mud in the house and the pool. Their remedial actions meant we have never faced a flood like it, and their cautionary story taught us to never forgo drainage maintenance. Summer, and winter, storms in Spain can be fierce!

The morning after the rain, this was the scene. At the house, looking from our car park down towards the Almond Track [below].

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

Up the track, away from the house, the floodwater cut the earth away from underneath a concrete section of track [below].

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

The water ran from here, downhill, around another bend…

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

… and down our driveway, slashing its way through the downhill olives [below].

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

nigel's pic - vegetation washed away 16-6-06Water takes the shortest route, short cuts you don’t necessarily want it to take. Now, our deep drainage ditches are regularly tended, cleared of debris and re-cut. This is how the track looks now [below]. now1 10-10-14now2 10-10-145 to remember
agradecido/a – thankful
los predecesores – predecessors
los actos de saneamiento – remedial action
las advertencias – cautionary story
feroz – fierce

2 thoughts on “The drainage solution

  1. lamputts

    We’ve also seen the power of this elemental force in North Wales although, thankfully, it appears to be a once in a generation thing. You soon learn not to take the small stream running through the village for granted, though.

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