The biennial ‘spring’ clean

Every other year there is a wet muddy job to be done. Our water comes from our own spring, rather than the mains supply. Yes, it really does spring up out of the ground, or rather into a ‘sink’ at the back of house. From there it is piped into the storage tank. Every other year, we clean out the sink and cut back the vegetation.

This is before… roses and ivy 8-5-14And this is after… spring - after1 26-7-14And this is the job to get it from ‘that’ to ‘this. First, remove the pot plants and cut back the rose to reveal the sink… first, cutting back the rose 26-7-14… a look inside the sink, full and muddy… inside the spring2 – before draining 26-7-14… fix a tube to the outlet pipe to divert the running water coming from the spring… inside the spring1 - tube to drain the water 26-7-14… shift the water in the spring the old-fashioned way, with a jug, into trugs… trugs of muddy water and gravel 26-7-14… admire the clean, empty, spring… inside the spring3 – empty 26-7-14In the process, we cut back the red rose bush and discovered a wall we didn’t know was there. Not to mention the rose trunk, as big as a man’s forearm! the rose’s trunk 26-7-14wall we didn't know was there 26-7-14Click here to read more about our life, living without mains water.

5 to remember
casi todo/a – Every other year
un lavabo – a sink
la vegetación – the vegetation
un cubo de jardinería – a trug
old-anticuado/a – fashioned

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