Aubergine and herb salad

At this time of year we have more wonderful glossy aubergines than we know what to do with, and they keep on growing when the rest of the huerta looks fit for the compost heap. So when I saw this recipe I wanted to try it straight away. This is the first recipe we’ve tried by Gizzi Erskine, it was featured recently in The Sunday Times Magazine. I’ll watch out for more of her recipes now. Trust me, or trust Gizzi, it does sound a little odd but it tastes great! aubergine on wooden board 24-8-13Serves 4 [but we ate the lot as a main meal]
3 aubergines, cut into wedges
100ml olive oil
150g Greek yogurt
50g tahini paste
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 clove garlic, grated
1-2 tsp sumac
50g pine nuts, toasted
Assorted fresh herbs [we used mint, parsley and basil]
1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

Season the aubergine with plenty of salt and pepper. Heat the olive oil in a large pan and fry the aubergine wedges over a medium to high heat until charred and their centres are softened. fry the aubergines 24-9-14Drain the wedges on kitchen paper, transfer to serving platter. yogurt and tahini dressing 24-9-14For the dressing. Mix together the yogurt, tahini, ½ tbsp of lemon juice, garlic, and season with salt and pepper. Drizzle on top of the aubergines while they are still warm. Sprinkle the sumac on top. salad mixed with pine nuts 24-9-14For the salad. In a separate bowl, mix together the pine nuts, herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and the other ½ tbsp lemon juice. Place the salad on top of the aubergines, and serve immediately. plateful 24-9-145 to remember
directamente – straight away
recientemente – recently
una pasta de semillas de sésamo – tahini
una pasta – a paste
hecho a la brasa – charred

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