Bird song: Booted Eagle

We are lucky enough to welcome a pair of visiting booted eagles to the valley each summer. They are, according to our bird book, an endangered species. We actually refer to them as ‘bootcut’ eagles, after a malapropism by a friend who was thinking about bootcut jeans at the time!



To listen to a Booted Eagle, click here for a fantastic recording by
Click here to read about the birdwatching walks by blogger Birdwatch Gaucin. Gaucin is an Andalucian village, about two hours drive away from our valley.

5 to remember
tenemos la suerte – we are lucky enough
cada verano – each summer
un error cometido al confudir un vocabulo con otro similar – a malapropism
los vaqueros – a pair of [denim] jeans
una grabación – a recording


Listen to the song of these other birds we see in our Spanish valley:-
Mistle Thrush

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