The growth cycle of a quince

There’s something odd which takes place in the growing cycle of a quince. baby quince1 8-5-14They start off as the most charming, nubbly fruit. Quite cute, as fruit go, fuzzy, with their green fringe, like something out of a Polly Pocket house. baby quince2 8-5-14baby quince3 8-5-14baby quince4 8-5-14By mid-June [below], the impersonation of Fuzzy Felt is in full swing. The cuteness is still there, the shape is beginning to look a little squashy, a hint of what is to come. quince in june1 27-6-14quince in june2 27-6-14quince in june3 27-6-14quince in june4 27-6-14Finally, the transformation… into knobbly, wrinkly, concrete hard fruit that it is difficult to cut with a cleaver. quince 17-8-13 (2)Every year we are disappointed with the full-grown warty adult. Perhaps we should pick them earlier? Does anyone else have experience with this?

5 to remember
algo raro – something odd
el ciclo del crecimiento – growth cycle
el membrillo – the quince [fruit]
encantador – charming
el flequillo – the fringe [of hair]

2 thoughts on “The growth cycle of a quince

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Hi Shari, they’re a cousin to the apple and pear, sort of a combination of both but very hard so they have to be cooked first. An old work colleague of mine said she remembered eating her mother’s quince chutney as a child, and loved it, but unfortunately the recipe is lost! SD



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