Our visitor… a genet or a marten?

The discussion is still continuing, over cups of coffee, over glasses of beer, whether our nocturnal visitor is a genet or a marten. He/she continues to leave poo gifts on exactly the same spot on the terrace. So here is our evidence:-

A stone marten, seen in broad daylight, high in our plum tree;
A dark-coloured cat-like creature with a long bushy tail, in the olive grove, mid-morning;
A poo present left every third day, in the same place;
The description by the solar engineers, working on our solar array up the hill from the house, who looked down onto the swimming pool and saw a ‘large wild cat’. We were not resident at the time. There have been no other sightings of a large wild cat.

[photo: kids.britannica.com]

[photo: kids.britannica.com]

Pablo is convinced it is a geneta [above]. The genet [in latin genetta genetta] is a feline-looking animal, nocturnal, which lives in dense scrub and woodland. Sounds exactly like our valley. Pablo says he has seen many genetas here, over the years. The species has spread to the Iberian Peninsula from North Africa. But it is distinctively spotted.

The animal we saw in the olive grove was not marked like a geneta. It was plain and dark, with a long swishy tail. Could it be a marten [below]?

[photo: bvo.zadweb.biz.hr]

[photo: bvo.zadweb.biz.hr]

5 to remember
nocturno/a – nocturnal
una cola – a tail
la caca – the poo
a plena luz del día – in broad daylight
el bosque – the woodland

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