Irrigating the land

In the middle of winter, when the earth is sodden and claggy, it is difficult to imagine the heat of summer and the irrigation that same earth requires. We have learned to work with the land, and use the natural springs which occur in sometimes convenient, sometimes inconvenient places. elfa - pink close-up 27-8-13 (2)Once we started our planting scheme on the hillside at the front of the house, we installed a small depositó [water storage tank] below the big fig tree [below].

the little deposito 28-5-10This collected water from a small spring and fed it via a system of black hosepipes [all agricultural hosepipes are black in Spain, they come in a bewildering array of dimensions] to the areas to be regularly irrigated. network of black hoses 5-8-13We planted a few climbers around it, and a couple of years later it was covered nicely. It does the job effectively and uses our natural spring water, which is free and gravity-fed from the spring. the little deposito 5-8-13In 2013, we extended an irrigation channel down the hillside so it would water a line of elfas [oleanders] planted beside the steps. Fed by a black hosepipe from the small depositó, a stream of water would trickle down the hillside from plant to plant. That was the idea, and that is the irrigation system used by all the local farmers. So, first the channel was dug… digging the channel 5-8-13digging the channel2 5-8-13… the tap on the hosepipe was turned on and the water started to trickle…trickling 5-8-13… it reached the elfaswater reaches the elfas 5-8-13water reaches the elfas2 5-8-13… until finally, the water ran through it from top to bottom. water runs through it 5-8-135 to remember
pegajoso/a – claggy/sticky
inconveniente – inconvenient
una manguera – a hosepipe [although locally here it is referred to as una goma]
desconcertante – bewildering
una selección – an array

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