A true giant

The Agave Americana, once seen, is not mistaken for anything else. agave americana1 1-7-14It stands, sentinel beside Spanish roads, reaching to the sky. Up to 6m tall, it looks like it belongs in the Mediterranean but it only arrived here after the discovery of America, when it became a popular garden plant in southern Europe in the early 17th century. agave americana3 1-7-14Famously, the Century Plant earns its nickname because it takes years to flower, and then does so only once. The plant puts all its energy into this one huge flower spike, so as the flower grows the plant withers and dries out. As soon as the seeds are ripe, the plant dies. agave americana4 1-7-145 to remember
equivocado/a – mistaken
el centinela – the sentinel
el Mediterráneo – the Mediterranean
el descubrimiento – the discovery
la América – America

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