August in the valley

Gold, dust, sand… now it is August and even the heatwave-tolerant plants are wilting. The deep gold of July has given way to a paler shade, faded by the beating of the +40°C sun. Even the moss is dry and dessicated. The only lively tones come from the silver olive leaves, nature’s design of course so they withstand the heat best of all, and the ever-resilient elfas [oleanders].green tomato in the huerta 17-8-13 (2)The orchard fruit is all but finished, we are waiting only for the yellow plums to ripen, but the huerta continues to produce limitless pimentones and calabacines. The lettuce plants have gone to seed and are fit only for Pablo’s pigs.

This is what we see around us. oak - old and split 25-8-13 (2)plum tree, one more week to go before ripe 7-8-13 (2)artichoke - dried flower 5-8-13 (2)bamboo - close-up 27-8-13 (2)elfa - pink v close-up 27-8-13 (2)green pepper in the huerta 17-8-13 (2)morning sun through the big walnut 7-8-13 (2)lettuce gone to seed - food for P's pigs 17-8-13 (2)plum tree in early morning 7-8-13 (3)rock with moss on Thyme Track 25-8-13 (2)5 to remember
tolerante – tolerant
mustio/a – wilting
una ola de calor – a heatwave
los tonos – the tones
alrededor de – around

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