July in the valley

Predominantly gold, with touches of green. For the farmers, some crops are finished and others are still growing. No rain for more than a month, higher temperatures than normal for July but with the odd grey humid day. Here’s a snapshot of what we see around us. dried thistle - Canete la Real to Almargen 26-7-13 (2)green tomato in july 24-7-11 (2)lavender against olive grove 8-7-14plums in july 6-7-11 (2)pomegranate 24-7-11 (2)pomegranate in july - pink 24-7-11 (2)sage flower - close-up 8-7-14the big walnut tree 8-7-14plums in july2 6-7-11 (2)tomatoes in july 24-7-11 (2)pomegranate in july 24-7-11 (2)valley1 8-7-145 to remember
predominantemente – predominantly
toques de – touches of
terminado/a – finished
its very humid today – hay mucha humedad
la foto instantánea – snapshot

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