Cutting down the shady walnut tree

For four years we enjoyed the shade cast over the pool end of the terrace by a walnut tree. In the summer, we loved it. In the spring, we hated it.
a)      The leaves blew into the pool = constant pool cleaning.
b)      Ditto the blossom and catkins, straight into the pool = more cleaning.
c)       Autumn, the walnuts fell [more than we could eat] and stained the terrace = more cleaning.
d)      Every spring, the longer branches and new leaves blocked the signal from our satellite dish = intermittent TV, telephone and broadband signals.

In July 2008, this shady walnut tree [below] was one of the things we fell in love with.

[photo: Andrew Forbes]

[photo: Andrew Forbes]

But pragmatism won. So in January 2012, Pablo cut the tree down. We stood and watched as he pulled himself up into the tree, chainsaw in one hand, and casually lopped off limb after limb. It was a sad moment, a moment not without its doubts. And once the tree was gone the terrace felt bare, as if it had just experienced a severe number one haircut.

In January 2012 we planted a line of cipressas next to the wall, so that in a few years we will have some shade… new planting 14-1-12… in March 2012 we added a palm… regrowth 26-3-12… by May of the same year, the growth was encouraging… regrowth 14-5-12As a reminder of how messy the old tree was, the big walnut tree on the hillside continues its spring routine of flowers and catkins … walnut - spring catkins1 16-4-13Two years on, May 2014, and the growth is impressive… two years later1 8-5-14two years later2 8-5-14two years later3 8-5-14two years later4 8-5-14We know we took the right decision, but the tree was beautiful!

5 to remember
el nogal – the walnut tree
constante – constant
los flores – the blossom
las candelillas – the catkins
intermitente – intermittent

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