A ruin

Across the valley from us is an abandoned building, a ruin, used by the farmer to store farm machinery. Really, it is full of weeds and home to assorted wild animals and nesting birds. ruin1 11-3-14Someone has attempted to patch it up, there is evidence of new brickwork, but the job wasn’t finished.

Like all old Spanish buildings, the doorway is small. ruin2 11-3-14The door is missing. ruin3 11-3-14The external plasterwork is cracking: winter rain, summer drought, wind, frost. ruin4 11-3-14The windows are small too, with wooden lintels and wooden shutters. ruin6 11-3-14ruin8 11-3-14Wild figs sprout from the foundations, wild figs find a way to grow in most places around the valley. ruin7 11-3-14It’s a glimpse of what life was like here, not too many decades ago. ruin5 11-3-145 to remember
una ruina – a ruin
abandonado/a – abandoned
un edificio – a building
la maquina de la granja – farm machinery
el granjero – the farmer

9 thoughts on “A ruin

  1. Wendy Kate

    There’s beauty in the ruined and neglected buildings here in Spain I think…in fact, I have been eying up a house down the road that has half the plaster off and a weed growing out of it as my next sketch! Lovely pictures as always Sandra 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Karen

        You certainly have enough ideas. I collect my ideas, sometimes even combine some. Some may be used one day, others will not. [Note to myself: Don’t lose your little black notebook!] 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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