Sumo toad

We called him ‘Sumo Toad’ not because he is rather plump, but because of his behaviour when confronted by me with my camera. In true toad fashion, his first reaction when seeing something potentially threatening is to stay completely still. toad1 8-4-15His second reaction was to stretch up on his legs to make himself appear bigger. Then he started to sway from side to side in a slow dance. toad2 8-4-15toad3 8-4-15toad4 8-4-15toad5 8-4-15toad6 8-4-15toad7 8-4-15Eventually he decided I was no threat, and he sidled off into the honeysuckle. toad8 8-4-155 to remember
un sapo – a toad
de sumo – sumo [wrestler]
gordo/a – plump
la conducta – the behaviour
potencialmente – potentially

14 thoughts on “Sumo toad

  1. angeliquejamail

    In our courtyard and tiny pond, we have a frog with similar markings (though a bit more like a leopard) that’s almost as big as my face. We call him Sweetums, after the ogre from The Muppets. (All the frogs that frequent our home are named for Muppets: Kermit, Robin, Sweetums, and Beaker. We choose their names based on size and voice.)

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