Baby paraguayas

I’d never heard of paraguayas until we lived in Spain, they look like a flattened peach and are excellent poached and eaten for breakfast. We have two trees in our orchard and this is the first year we’ve had fruit which have grown to a significant size. baby paraguayas3 22-5-14Sometimes called a doughnut or Saturn peach, the paraguaya is a ‘compressed’ peach which originates from China but has spread around the world. The fruit basically looks like it has been squashed flat. The flesh is pale and succulent; if you see them in the supermarket buy them.  baby paraguayas1 22-5-14baby paraguayas2 22-5-145 to remember
una rosquilla – a doughnut
el Saturno – Saturn [the planet]
comprimido/a – compressed
[algo] tiene su origen de [algún lugar] – [something] originates from [somewhere]
se extendió – it spread around

11 thoughts on “Baby paraguayas

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      No, they don’t have to be poached but they are knobbly and difficult to peel so they look pretty. I guess you can use them in any recipe which needs peaches or nectarines. We tend to cook with them as they are small with a big stone, so you need a big pile! Sorry, I don’t know about the name Chinese Apple. 🙂 SD



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