Yellow soil

The transition from red to pink to gold to yellow is so subtle in the fields which look towards the Sierra de las Nieves. Farrow & Ball’s yellow-toned paintcard reflects this too, from the pinky Ringwold Ground to the ochre India Yellow. Below, I’ve matched the Spanish soil to the English paints.

The parcelas here are ploughed in pleasing lines, the soil thin and golden = F&B’s Ringwold Ground dried golden soil in thin parcelas2 - road Canete to A367 12-10-13Ringwold Ground by F&B 20-4-14Pink dried earth, dulled I think by the line of limestone cliffs = F&B’s Farrow’s Cream. dry pink earth in front of Canete limestone cliff 12-10-13Farrow's Cream by F&B 20-4-14Definitely yellow-toned here = F&B’s Yellow Ground. golden fields of soil 12-10-13Yellow Ground by F&B 20-4-14At the palest end of the yellow spectrum = F&B’s Tallow patchwork of pink soil fields outside canete1 12-10-13Tallow by F&N 20-4-14Is this soil or dust? = F&B’s Hay. soil or dust 12-10-13Hay by F&B 20-4-14Sunflower field after harvesting = F&B’s India Yellow sunflower field after harvesting 12-10-13India Yellow by F&B 20-4-14To check out Farrow & Ball paints, click here.

5 to remember
la transición – the transition
el ocre – the ochre
en líneas – in lines
agradable – pleasing
crema – cream [colour]

12 thoughts on “Yellow soil

  1. Lottie Nevin

    I love Farrow & Ball paints. Bone used to be one of my favourites 🙂 Now that Casa Nevino is taking shape, I’m thinking about what interior colours I might use here. I’m torn between being very bold – earthy reds and oranges or just sticking with very traditional white. You have inspired me, Sandra. Thank you!

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