The second valley

Tucked around the corner from our valley, with the Thyme Track running along its southern edge, is a second smaller valley. jose antonio's valley1 24-3-13It leads eventually out of the hills and down onto the flat plain by the road which connects Granada to Seville. There is only one house in this valley. Our neighbour, a businessman from Malaga who is steadily converting the derelict finca, arrives once a week to care for his olive trees and enjoy the silence. He cheerfully admits that his family think his ‘little project’ is mad, but one day he dreams of retiring to the peace and quiet. For the meantime, he is happy driving his tractor through the olive groves, keeping down the weeds as all landowners are legally-bound to do in order to prevent fire risk.

5 to remember
el proyecto – project
el tractor – tractor
conduce – he drives
feliz – happy
loco/a – mad

2 thoughts on “The second valley

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    The view of your second valley is much like what we see here in Southern California. Or at least like what we used to see before so much got razed to be built upon. I know you treasure your secluded Andalusian home. I treasure the memories of what we used to enjoy here.

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    1. sandradan1 Post author

      In Spain too there was a period of mad construction with so many houses being built, trees ripped out, shrubland burned to clear for building. That came to an end with the economc crisis, thankfully, but there are still too many houses particularly on the coast built not really in the right place. Progress, eh? SD



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