Handy pesto pasta with goat’s cheese

This is one of the quickest pasta dishes to make. Three key ingredients: already-made pesto, perhaps leftover in the fridge; frozen peas, who doesn’t have those; and goat’s cheese, we certainly have a packet pushed to the back of the shelf. parmesan - piece on board 7-3-14For lunch this time we used a pot of our home-made pesto made last October, and taken out of the freezer last night. For the recipe click here pesto - empty box 7-3-14Serves 4
250g fresh or frozen peas, defrosted
400g pasta
Sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper
Freshly grated parmesan, to serve
100g goat’s cheese
A handful of pine nuts
4-5 tbsp pesto pesto - pile 7-3-14

First put your preferred pasta on to boil.

Second, dry toast your pine nuts in a frying pan. Do not leave the pan untended, or they will burn. Set aside to cool. pine nuts - toasted 7-3-14Meanwhile, assemble the other ingredients. If using frozen peas, defrost in the microwave. peas, frozen - defrosted 7-3-14Grate the parmesan.

Crumble the goat’s cheese. goat's cheese - chopped 7-3-14Taste the pesto, and season if needed.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain and tip back into the pan. in the pan - mix pasta & sauce 7-3-14Add the peas, goat’s cheese and 2-3 dollops of pesto, stir through the pasta. Add the rest of the pesto, making sure all the pasta is coated. Finally stir though the parmesan. in the pan - add parmesan 7-3-14Transfer to warmed plates, and eat immediately. If you have fresh basil, sprinkle with freshly-torn leaves.

plateful 7-3-145 to remember
el estante – the shelf
los guisantes – the peas
el queso de cabra – the goat’s cheese
inmediatamente – immediately
congelado/a – frozen empty plate 7-3-14

book cover The Easy Kitchen Pasta sauces - photo rylandpeters.com 6-3-14

‘The Easy Kitchen Pasta Sauces’ [pub. Ryland Peters & Small]

17 thoughts on “Handy pesto pasta with goat’s cheese

  1. Lottie Nevin

    Sandra, you always post such yummy recipes on here and this is another winner. I’ve got to confess I don’t have any frozen peas because I don’t have a freezer but I could always buy fresh and pod them (I hate to admit to this, but I actually prefer frozen to fresh, they are so much sweeter!) anyway this is another to bookmark when I’m looking for something quick and easy to make. Thank you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Lottie we wouldn’t survive here without our freezers. Please try this recipe! Actually I guess it doesn’t have to be peas, but whatever fresh green veg you have. 🙂 SD



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