Red soil

The colour range of soil is a paintbox of colour. With that in mind, I have matched shots of red soil with equivalent colours from the Farrow & Ball paint colour chart.

Mid-brown soil – F&B’s Dead Salmon [below]mid-brown soil - recently ploughed field on road to canete 12-10-13Dead Salmon by Farrow & Ball 19-4-14Pink soil = F&B’s Book Room Red [below]pink soil looking towards El Chorro 12-10-13Book Room Red by Farrow & Ball 19-4-14Ploughed field = F&B’s Blazer [below]ploughed field on the road to Canete 12-10-13Blazer by Farrow & Ball 19-4-14Red earth = F&B’s Rectory Red [below]red earth 12-10-13Rectory Red by Farrow & Ball 19-4-14Recently ploughed field = F&B’s Setting Plaster [below]recently ploughed field on road from Canete 12-10-13Setting Plaster by Farrow & Ball 19-4-14To check out Farrow & Ball paints, click here

5 to remember
una caja de acuarelas – a paintbox
equivalente – equivalent
un gráfico – a chart
muerto/a – dead
una habitación – a room

5 thoughts on “Red soil

  1. susanissima

    Brilliant idea! Do you know that you can also paint with soil? When we were in Andalucía last year on the way to Casares, I believe, we gathered some of the reddest soil I’d ever seen (outside of Kauai, HI), pounded it into powder and mixed it with water. Then I painted and the result was quite lovely. In Mexico, I met a man who painted with Nescafé instant coffee. Red dirt and coffee paint work well together. 😀

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