A blackbird’s nest

We are surrounded by blackbirds this year, with pairs nesting in trees all around the house. For the first time, one mother has built her nest in the honeysuckle. It took us some time to realise there were chicks there. babies in nest1 10-5-14babies in nest2 10-5-14Most of the time they are quiet. When she is away, they huddle together in the bottom of the nest and are invisible unless we climb on top of a wall. As soon as Mum appears and there is the rustle of a leaf, two hungry mouths appear.

5 to remember
un mirlo – a blackbird
los pichones – the chicks
un nido – a nest
apiñarse – to huddle together
invisible – invisible

7 thoughts on “A blackbird’s nest

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      No-can-do I’m afraid. We were careful to stay away from the nest when the mother was there because we didn’t want to scare her away so she abandoned her chicks. I had to creep on tiptoe to get these photos! And now the chicks have flown away this weekend. Blackbirds lay 2-4 broods a year, so perhaps she will use this nest again. 🙂 SD



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