Grey clouds, with blue

The title of this post is inspired by Rothko’s titles for his paintings. grey clouds with blue1 26-3-13I think I’ve mentioned Rothko here on at least one previous occasion. His paintings are interesting bands of colour which at first glance are abstract, but to me are organic. I look around the valley here and I see great swathes of colour which Rothko would reduce to wide bands of brown green and yellow, blue and grey. grey clouds with blue2 26-3-13These three beautiful sky shots were taken in March, on a windy day when the clouds literally swirled in the sky. Rothko, I think would like my title. Not sure how he would paint these clouds though!  grey clouds with blue3 26-3-135 to remember
el título – the title
un cuadro – a painting
una ocasión– a occasion
una cinta – a band
orgánico/a – organic

8 thoughts on “Grey clouds, with blue

  1. Karen

    Clouds are so beautiful and fascinating. I still fail to understand that so many people complain. The sun is always the sun. Clouds come in different sizes, ‘colours’, depths, forms. Thank you so much for sharing these great shots with us, Sandra.

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    1. sandradan1 Post author

      We did a tour of Monument Valley a few years back and my husband laughed at me photographing the sky, until we met an amazing elderly lady who was photographing the sky too… and she was a professional photographer. That made me feel slightly less mad. SD



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