Planting the almond field

The almond field is a lozenge-shaped field, isolated from the house, down beside the river. We call it the almond field because, not knowing what else to do with the space, we planted some almond trees. This small space has changed dramatically over the last 10 years.

The first two photographs were taken by our predecessors, in December 2004…

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

… and May 2006.

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

[photo: Europa Alpacas]

The field is enclosed by the hill on one side, and the river on the other, being a lozenge there are no more sides only pointy ends! It is a quiet spot, with only the sound of the waterfall. The two young walnut trees seen in the photograph above are now much bigger [below] and offer welcome shade in the summer months.

In March 2009, the field looked like this…



In February 2010, after the big storm the previous month, the holes were dug ready to plant the almond saplings. hole dug for almond trees 16-2-10the almond field - after the jan storm 2010 16-2-10We have lost two trees to frost since then, but on the whole we are pleased with our field. We are yet to crop the nuts, hopefully this year will be our first harvest; last year the blossom was killed by an early frost. But the signs are already good. the almond field4 8-5-14the almond field1 8-5-14the almond field2 8-5-14the almond field3 8-5-14

5 to remember

una pastilla – a lozenge
aislado/a – isolated
dramáticamente – dramatically
durante las ultímas diez años – over the last 10 years
cerrado/a – enclosed

9 thoughts on “Planting the almond field

  1. Lottie Nevin

    How exciting, your first crop of almonds. It’s lovely to see how character of a field changes with planting and new foliage. Here’s hoping that your ‘lozenge’ produces many almonds for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      We should get almonds from this field to eat this year, we already harvest almonds from older trees elsewhere. I love the idea of staying here forever, but we’re not here full-time and this spring we missed the almond blossom. I love the almonds at this stage, soft and fuzzy! SD



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