Muddy footprints

One day in March, after the rain, we went tracking: wild animals. Dramatic? Well it is the only time we are actually aware of the presence of wild boar in the valley. We don’t hear or see them. The only presence we see is footprints, in the mud, after the rain. We followed these footprints so far, but found nothing… the mud was, dry, the animal long gone. wild boar footprint1 10-3-14The males are solitary animals outside the breeding season, so that explains why we only ever see the tracks of a single boar. Females and piglets though stay together in groups of up to 20 animals including two or three sows. They rest during the night and day, foraging in the early morning and late afternoon, and sometimes at night. We do see local hunters striding the olive groves with the rifles, but according to our neighbour the number of wild boar in the valley has almost disappeared compared with when he first bought his summer house here 30 years ago. wild boar footprint2 10-3-14Wild boar are scavengers and will eat almost anything, including grass, nuts, berries, small reptiles, carrion, insects, roots, tubers, rubbish and even the nests of ground-nesting birds. wild boar footprint3 10-3-145 to remember
un animal salvaje – a wild animal
dramático/a – dramatic
la presencia – the presence
una huella – a footprint
solitario/a – solitary

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    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Nooo, this valley is a meat-free zone. At least our house is, our neighbours don’t get my aversion to meat. “But you must eat ham,” they say, perplexed. 🙂 SD

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