Book Review: ‘Sacred Sierra’ by Jason Webster

sacred sierra by jason webster 4-8-13Sometimes, reading Jason Webster’s story about life at his new rural mountain home near Valencia, it felt like reading our own experience getting to know our home in rural Andalucía. Reclaiming scrub land, planting trees, contending with the elements [for us that has meant -14° to +40°C], farming olives, confronting local wildlife, we have faced many of the same challenges. But we have never made our own hooch, faced a wildfire, or written stories in ink made from oak galls. Webster’s account of life on a hillside of the Castellón mountains brings Spain to life, he portrays his neighbours with fondness and respect, and through it all winds the tales of this mystical region combined with gardening advice from a 12th century moor. A unique ‘living abroad’ tale.
‘Sacred Sierra: a year on a Spanish mountain’ by Jason Webster

5 to remember
sagrado/a – sacred
a veces – sometimes
la vida
– life
rural – rural
la experiencia – experience

7 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘Sacred Sierra’ by Jason Webster

      1. Karen

        The list is pretty long, indeed. If you ever see someone who is reading like mad (without being paid for) – it will most probably be Karen O. ;-D
        It is not getting much longer as I just keep on reading, reading, reading. OK

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