Fluffy white plum blossom

The blossom on our plum trees at the moment is wonderful, and can rival any explosion of hawthorn blossom in England. It actually looks like balls of cotton wool, fluffs, teased out with a haircomb. plum blossom2 16-4-13There is a succession of flowering trees throughout the spring, flowering one after the other so at any point there is always blossom somewhere. Now, is the time of the plum. plum blossom1 16-4-13 plum blossom1 18-4-135 to remember
una explosión – an explosion
el espino – the hawthorn
el algodón – the cotton wool
esponjoso/a – fluffy
un peine– a haircomb

10 thoughts on “Fluffy white plum blossom

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      White blossom always brings to mind the scene from Tess of the d’Urbervilles where she’s dancing in her white dress and Angel Clare watches on. 🙂 SD



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