Writing, walking and thinking

As a writer, I value my thinking time. And here in the valley there is nothing better to do than go for a walk. my feet 11-3-14We are spoiled for choice. It never fails to clear my brain of excess thought, and leaves me refreshed. So instead of lots of words, here are photos from my walk. an old tree1 11-3-14looking down the track 11-3-14at the gate 11-3-14leaves & oak gall 11-3-14looking up the track 11-3-14my foot on track 11-3-14only gorse flowering - +romero + vinca 11-3-14farmer busy chopping back olive trees 11-3-14tractor tracks in the dried track - who has been here before 11-3-14weeds in the olive grove 11-3-14an old tree2 11-3-145 to remember
escribiendo – writing
andando – walking
pensando – thinking
un exceso – an excess
refrescado/a – refreshed

14 thoughts on “Writing, walking and thinking

  1. Wendy Kate

    Yes, I love the walks we do here as well. Down the valley by the river you cannot see the the town at all, it’s as if you have gone for miles when in reality home and a. Cup of tea is only round the corner 🙂

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  2. Karen

    Your writer’s love for the little things is awesome. I often wonder why so many people just fail to see that the little things are often real pretty and offer food for thought. In brief: Great shots, Sandra.

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  3. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    I love to walk also, though my new job has curtailed a lot of things I used to do.
    You get so much out of your walks – your photos show much texture – quite wonderful. I want to touch those leaves, that bark, the sunlight.

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  4. Beth @plasticrosaries

    Those photos alone give plenty of inspiration for so many words another time perhaps? For me it’s people who get me writing and some of the things I’ve enjoyed writing most and have received the best response have been written in the most crowded places – on trains usually!


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Hi Beth, I know what you mean. I can write pretty much anywhere, but sometimes when my head feels so full I know that fresh air and a walk is the cure! 🙂 SD


      1. Beth @plasticrosaries

        I completely understand that. We used to live by a canal and I spent many evenings wandering – cure is definitely the right word!

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