It never ceases to amaze me that the Spanish wildflowers seem to flower in unison according to colour. In early March, arriving at Malaga airport, the earth was covered with yellow flowers. Once the yellow has gone it will be pink, and there seems to be an infinite variety of pink wildflowers. poppy - unfurling 28-4-11But for me, the most glorious of all is the poppy. Arriving sometime in April, depending on the sun and showers of spring, it is the king of red flowers. poppy1 28-4-11 (2)5 to remember
al unísono – in unison
según – according to
infinito/a – infinite
más maravilloso/a que todo – most glorious of all
el rey – the king

13 thoughts on “Poppies

      1. Susan Sutphin

        Mine are red orientals; yours look like mine. The snow melted in two days, and I hope that’s it for this year. Looks like today will be in the sixties, so I may go out and clear leaves and debris and see what else is trying to push through! I love spring!

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