Four minutes of the sky at night…

…during four minutes on March 26th, 2013.

At 19.22, grey night-time sky at one side of the valley… sky at 19.22 1 26-3-13… still some blue sky to the west. sky at 19.22 2 26-3-13sky at 19.22 3 26-3-13At 19.24, the dark of night falls to the east… sky at 19.24 1 26-3-13… but fine clouds high up still move on the wind in the west. sky at 19.24 2 26-3-13At 19.25, the grey gradually pushes the brilliant blue into the west at the end of the day. sky at 19.25 1 26-3-13sky at 19.25 2 26-3-13sky at 19.25 3 26-3-13sky at 19.25 4 26-3-135 to remember
durante – during
cuatro minutos – four minutes
el marzo – March
dos mil trece – 2013
gradualmente – gradually

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