How quickly the sky changes

On this day last year we had the mother of all storms here. Soon, the sky cleared and there was no evidence in the sky of the tormenta. Nature’s way, I guess, of moving on. The wind chases the grey clouds away… so the sun and blue sky start to dry the sodden ground. after the storm has gone1 1-4-13after the storm has gone2 1-4-13sky after storm1 19-3-13 (2)sky after storm2 19-3-13 (2)to remember
el año pasado – last year
rápido/a – quickly
las pruebas – the evidence
pronto – soon
una tormenta – a storm

6 thoughts on “How quickly the sky changes

  1. Wendy Kate

    Yes, the storms do come quickly here but I do notice when I am back in the UK just how the weather can change over the course of a day, whereas here in Spain it tends to be pretty much set for the day (usually sunny 🙂 )

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    1. sandradan1 Post author

      It’s odd, I look at the sky regularly when I’m in Spain but don’t in the UK. Perhaps its a ‘having the time’ thing and being on Spanish time. SD



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