A big fish

It’s a while since we’ve bought an entire fish, in fact our fish consumption has been reducing: upward prices, discomfort with farmed fish and how it is fed, discomfort with eating wild fish and how our consumption denudes the ocean’s fish stocks. But we saw this bonito on the slab at Mercadona and couldn’t resist. It provided fillets for four meals. fish on table 4-3-14The fishmonger gutted the fish, then my husband demonstrated his filleting skills by preparing the fish at home. the head 4-3-14First, remove the head… removing the head 4-3-14fish without head 4-3-14Then, remove the backbone… removing the backbone 4-3-14Removing the fillets is more tricky… removing the first fillet1 4-3-14removing the first fillet2 4-3-14removing the first fillet3 4-3-14Then it is simply a matter of trimming the waste off each fillet, and the skin… skinning a fillet1 4-3-14skinning a fillet2 4-3-14trimming a fillet 4-3-14On a bonito there is not much waste [below]…leftover - bits 4-3-14leftover - skin 4-3-14…and we had four fillets, ready to be cooked. Four meals for two people.four trimmed fillets on dish 4-3-145 to remember
hace tiempo – it’s a while
la pescadería – fishmonger
la espina dorsal – the backbone
la cabeza – the head
la materia de desecho – the waste matter/material

11 thoughts on “A big fish

  1. cheergerm

    Bonito, an under-utilised fish over here, is it eaten much there? Lovely filleting! Years ago I worked in the marketing department at Sydney Fish Market. One of my roles was developing recipes for under utilised and sustainable fish. How did you cook it?

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  2. robert87004

    I made the same choice, mostly giving up fish, not being into farm raised and concerned about sustainability. I also went the next step and gave up meats, mostly, since I gained an understanding that a significant percentage of our fossil fuels are used for animal husbandry. I eventually realized when I get a craving, I satisfy it and continue on. That works out to once or twice a month. That bonito certainly looks good, and tomato is a wonder with fish, I know.

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    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Hi Robert, I haven’t eaten meat since I left home at 18 to go to university. I continued to eat fish for years but now we found ourselves eating it only perhaps once a week. Which makes something like the bonito a real treat! SD



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