This is where I write…

… when we are in Spain, with a basic Acer laptop and a Malm desk from Ikea at Malaga. This morning the sky is grey though rain is not forecast until the weekend. So I will take the opportunity and spend the morning sitting outside on the terrace, wrapped up in a sweater and scarf and supplied with copious mugs of tea. mist after rain3 19-3-13 (2)I’m copy-editing the manuscript of Ignoring Gravity at the moment, ready for the launch of ‘Britain’s Next Bestseller’ on March 28. I enjoy copy-editing, that must be the journalist in me. We used to proofread our pages so much that by the time the magazine was published, we didn’t want to read it ever again. It is a truth that other people’s mistakes shine out of the page, but it’s impossible to see your own errors. So I’m pleased to have other people copy-editing it too. To read more about Ignoring Gravity, click here.

After reading for a couple of hours, I’ll take a break and give my eyes a rest. I find weeding is particularly mind-clearing and is often followed by a productive writing session. my desk - spain 26-4-13 (2)The room where I write here has two windows. The smallest looks out at a fig tree where early on a summer morning I may be lucky enough to see a shy golden oriole, but not yet for this wet chilly spring has deterred them. The leaves are not fully filling the trees, and that’s where the orioles prefer to hide. The larger sliding window admits onto a small terrace ringed by pots of herbs – mint, parsley, dill, chives, basil – and lots of red geraniums, and overhung by an enormous rose bush studded with red blooms. I still find it amazing that geraniums continue to flower here, all year.

The bookshelves throughout the house are piled with fiction – read and to-be read – plus gardening books, guide books about Spain, books about birds, wild flowers, insects, reptiles, Spanish history, Spanish novels, and my Spanish language text books and notebooks which I should re-read more often than I do.

To find out more about ‘Britain’s Next Bestseller’, and how you will be able to pre-order your copy of Ignoring Gravity on March 28, click here.

5 to remember
básico/a – basic
el portátil – laptop
el escritorio – the desk
la oportunidad – opportunity
un jersey – a sweater

17 thoughts on “This is where I write…

  1. ladyofthecakes

    I proofread and edited for quite a few years. Now I just write. Someone else proofs my stuff, as I don’t tend to spot my own errors, like you said. The downside to having spent years on this job is that I get quite irritated with blogs that are full of spelling errors, even if the content is good. Shame on me 😉

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  2. Julie Christine

    So sweet. Sandra. I love “exploring” other writers’ ateliers.
    I shift around a lot. I have a stand-up desk at home–it’s spent the winter in the living room, overlooking the sunroom. It doesn’t make sense to heat my office when I’m home alone during the day, anyway. I write in the sunroom as much as I can. But I also love writing in cafes and, when it’s warm enough, I write from the front seat of the car. Sometimes the backseat 🙂 And yes, I love to write outside in fine weather. Sunglasses, big floppy hat and the right tilt make laptop work possible outside, but it’s also a wonderful excuse to connect with my pen and paper.


      1. Julie Christine

        Not me personally, but I have to be aware of my posture and take breaks. I’ve found the opposite to be true-my stomach and back are so much happier. I practice yoga, so I’m pretty attuned to my slouching or when my hips sway out. I also walk around a lot more when I work at the standing desk, which is all kinds of good for the body, and that releases my hips and back.

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    1. sandradan1 Post author

      It is a lovely quiet place to write, but there are distractions too: getting up to make another mug of tea, my husband calling my outside to spot the vultures fly over, our neighbour Pablo arriving for a morning cafelito. SD



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