Timber, bark, moss and lichen

I confess I don’t know the difference between moss and lichen.  There are a lot of both in the valley, covering live trees and dead trees, gnarled and smooth bark. The mosses: dark green, brilliant green [below]…gnarled bark and moss2 26-3-13… the lichens: a delicate pale green like pistachio ice cream. oak and pale green lichen2 26-3-13Some of it grows on oak trees [below]… oak and pale green lichen1 26-3-13and some on olive trees [below]. olive tree & moss1 26-3-13olive tree & moss2 26-3-13The moss, I think is the darkest green… gnarled bark and moss1 26-3-13… and the lichen the palest [below]. tree stump with lichen1 26-3-13tree stump with moss1 26-3-13It is all beautiful.

5 to remember
la madera – the timber
la corteza – the bark [of tree]
el musgo – the moss
el liquen – the lichen
la diferencia – the difference

8 thoughts on “Timber, bark, moss and lichen

    1. sandradan1 Post author

      I just love green, seem magnetically attracted to it. Can still remember the green wallpaper on my bedroom as a kid – the 70s so I am sure the design would look totally naff now. SD


  1. Lottie Nevin

    There is lots of lichen here but not a lot of moss. The lichen is a wonderful, deep mustard yellow colour and like you say, covers the bark of both dead and live trees. It’s particularly pretty in winter as it gives some colour to the muted palette of the olive groves and almond trees.



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