Covering the fences

Most of the fencing used by our predecessors, the alpaca farmers, was taken out so the land looked open. Some, however, was retained either because it marked the boundary or because it was inaccessible. The fencing was a combination of wooden posts and wire mesh. Not pretty. So we decided to ‘green it up’.

At the bottom of the orchard steps we planted Russian Vine, because of its autumn colour and its rapid growth. We were not disappointed. Planted in spring 2010… russian vine at bottom of tennis steps 28-5-10… by August 2013 it looked like this [below]. russian vine at bottom of tennis steps 27-8-13The most visible fencing runs below the house, alongside the track leading to the ford. By October 2010 the Russian Vine [below] was burgundy red and spreading. This turned out to be the most prolific of the climbers planted alongside fencing. russian vine down the track fence 17-10-10The potato vines, solanum, did well too. Their delicate white flowers with the yellow centre are my favourite flower. We planted it along the track fence, beside the septic tank [below]. potato vine - at side of track 27-8-13potato vine by the septic tank 28-5-2010 something by the track fence 28-5-10

There’s a wonderfully shady spot at the bottom of the orchard steps, where the 20ft tall reeds cast shadow over a triangle of wild rosemary. We’ve put an old wooden picnic bench there and sometimes we will rest a while, sniffing the herb and watching the bees, to the background sound of the river behind the reeds. In 2010 we planted the wire fencing here with ivy [below]… ivy at bottom of tennis steps 28-5-10… and potato vine [below]. potato vine - at bottom of tennis steps 28-5-10Last summer, the ivy at the bottom of the orchard steps was 10ft high [below]. ivy - tennis steps don't specify 27-8-135 to remember
los predecesores – the predecessors
abierto/a – open/not enclosed
el límite – the boundary
inaccesible – inaccessible
una combinación – a combination

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