Cheesy nutty herby mushrooms

This is a very simple dish, but its excellence lies in its simplicity so don’t be tempted to make cheap substitutions. Fresh thyme only will do, and it must be butter not oil. I trust Nigel Slater in these things, though I had always believed that it was a bad thing to cook mushrooms with water as they just turned into soggy sponges. This does not happen, I think because of the butter. Three mushrooms make a light lunch with crusty bread, or six if you’re really hungry. plateful 19-12-13a thick slice of unsalted butter
salt and black pepper
6 small sprigs of fresh thyme
6 large flat mushrooms, Portobello or similar
200g Stilton or any rich blue cheese
4 tbsp walnuts, chopped butter and thyme in the pan 19-12-13Warm the butter in large, shallow pan. Add a splash of water, salt and black pepper, and the thyme. mushrooms in the pan 19-12-13Place the mushrooms into the pan, bottom-side up, and cover with a lid. put on the lid 19-12-13Leave to cook over a moderate heat for 10 minutes, or until they have softened. Turn the mushrooms over and cook the other side. turn the mushrooms over 19-12-13When the mushrooms are tender, crumble some Stilton onto each mushroom and top it with a few walnuts. chopped walnuts 19-12-13add the cheese & nuts 19-12-13Cover the pan with the lid. As the cheese begins to melt, serve.

5 to remember
la excelencia – excellence
la simplicidad – simplicity
barato/a – cheap
la sustitución – substitution
tengo hambre – I’m hungry

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