Saying goodbye to the laurel tree

One of the things we loved about the terrace when we moved here was the number of mature trees. Standing beside the pool was a laurel tree around which the terrace had been tiled.the labourers1 17-7-10Over time we developed a love-hate relationship with this tree. We loved wandering out from the kitchen to pick a couple of leaves and throw them into a saucepan, we delighted in its scent. We loved the fact that it was evergreen, its leaves deep green and glossy. We did not like the way the leaves fell into the pool, or the blossom dropped onto the terrace: hours of sweeping. the labourers2 17-7-10Then one day we realised the tree was dying, mainly I think because it was enclosed by the tiles. We attempted to save it. On a couple of occasions, Pablo arrived with his frightening chainsaw and lopped off the sick branches [above]. It took on a rather odd shape [below] which we tried to ignore.the trimmed version, half the size 18-7-10But we were only postponing the inevitable.

So now, the laurel has been replaced by a Chamaerops palm [below], an indigenous palm which grows wild here and is surprisingly resistant to frost and drought. palm planted 14-1-12

In order to continue cooking with laurel [bay leaves] we planted a new tree.the new laurel 4-1-14

5 to remember
adulto/a – mature/developed [animal/plant/tree]
central – central
brillante – glossy
cerrado/a – enclosed
la palmera – palm tree

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