Can we pipe this spring… continued

Our new spring has been dug and is ready to irrigate the Almond Field and veg patch when the spring arrives. To celebrate the new water supply, the builder inscribed the date of construction below the lid: November 27th, 2013. the spring 6-1-14lid up 6-1-14At first glance it looks like a deep well, with a narrow lid [above]. A concrete square, it is set uphill at the side of the track, underneath oak trees and amongst the leaf litter [below]. standing on the step & looking up to spring 6-1-14Once the spring growth starts, it will become invisible from the track again. looking back down to the track from the spring 6-1-14Already water is gathering [below].  Inside it is about 2ft deep, with two pipes; one upper, one lower. One for irrigation, one overflow. water inside the spring 6-1-14Ever practical, the builder has put a small step from the track across the drainage ditch. step1 6-1-14step2 6-1-145 to remember
celebrar – to celebrate
la fecha – the date
la tapa – the lid
el albañil – the builder
un escalón – a step

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