Summer seems a long way away at the moment. The sun shines here, of course, but the air is cold. As soon as the sun dips behind a cloud or sets for the night, it is freezing. So it is a good idea to look forward to summer 2014, to the balmy nights when the dusty earth smells warm… when the swallows, swifts and house martins dance across the sky… when the midges hover… when the earth sucks up the arching spray from the irrigation sprinklers and the birds dart and dance through the water droplets. sprinklers1 17-11-13sprinklers2 17-11-13sprinklers3 17-11-13It’s not too long to wait. And the log fire is burning brightly inside. sprinklers4 17-11-13sprinklers5 17-11-13sprinklers6 17-11-135 to remember
bajo cero – freezing
tengo ganas de… – I look forward to…
templado/a – balmy
los mosquitos pequeños – the midges
arqueando/a – arching

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