Morning sun and shade

My favourite colour is green, all shades, dark and light. So here in winter, when the trees are bare and the skies often grey like this… grey valley in january 3-1-14… I like to look forward to August when the valley looks like this…hills in the sun, valley in the shade 7-8-13 (2)

looking through poplar shade to olives in the sun 7-8-13 (2)ranks of olive trees like soldiers & shadows 7-8-13 (2)My antidote to this outbreak of SAD was to get out my watercolours, something I don’t do often enough. paintbox 3-1-14I spent a happy morning mixing tones of green, brown and blue, working my way along the tiny tablets of colour, combining tones which mirror the summer hillside. Viridian, Sap Green, Winsor Emerald, Cobalt Green, Oxide of Chromium.sketchpad1 3-1-14sketchpad2 3-1-14sketchpad3 3-1-14The deepest definition between the greens comes when the shadows are deepest, so the sun highlights the yellow tones and shade highlights the blue. sketchpad4 3-1-14

sun over paco's olives 7-8-13 (2)

5 to remember
lo que más me gusta – my favourite
a menudo – often
tengo muchas ganas de [algo] – I look forward to [something]
los tonos – the tones
las acuarelas – the watercolour paints

4 thoughts on “Morning sun and shade

  1. ladyofthecakes

    This is a bit of a tangent… one thing I ‘miss’ in Spanish is that it has no way of saying “to look forward to something”. “Tener ganas de hacer algo” is not the same 😦 But then, the “tener” ganas thing doens’t exist in English (“I feel like…” doesn’t quite hit it). In German, we have both!


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      I enjoy the messing around with paints, any paintings I attempt are abstract simply because I cannot draw! I know when they look bad though, which does make it a frustrating process. M maybe I should take lessons. Or maybe I’m better sticking with writing! SD



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