A time to burn

It’s the time of year when all the olive farmers are pruning their trees after the harvest. Every tree seems to be surrounded by a circle of prunings, silver and green twigs. olive trees pruned1 26-3-13olive trees pruned2 15-3-13It’s hard work, stripping off the new shoots and thinner branches at the bottom of the tree, cutting out weaker branches, channelling the tree’s energy into growing branches that will bear fruit. The prunings are raked into piles, then burned. fire in the col 11-1-14Look across any landscape around here on a dry day and there are swirls of smoke rising into the blue. A faint whiff of smoke hangs in the air. It’s winter, with a hint of spring to come. olive trees pruned3 15-3-13olive trees pruned4 26-3-13olive trees pruned5 15-3-135 to remember
rodeado de – surrounded by
un círculo – a circle
trabajo duro – hard work
la energía
– energy
un montón – a pile

8 thoughts on “A time to burn

      1. theshotgungirl

        That is not good at all. Forgive me for my education on olives but is it Green Olives or Black? Certain variety? I know nothing about olives, but we eat alot of black olives.


  1. sandradan1 Post author

    The olives around us are all used for oil, usually harvested Dec/Jan and are black on the tree. But if you pick them green, around October, you can preserve them in jars with seasonings and oil. Not sure what type they are. SD



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