Forgotten fruit

They hang on the trees like broken baubles on an abandoned Christmas tree, forgotten by the harvest, rejected by birds. Rotten, dull, dusty and muddy. Pomegranates… baubles on a tree - pomegranates1 5-1-14baubles on a tree - pomegranates2 5-1-14baubles on a tree - pomegranates3 5-1-14… quince… baubles on a tree - quince1 5-1-14baubles on a tree - quince2 4-1-14… olives… black olives 4-1-14… persimmon… persimmon on tree 4-1-14Split open, dried, unwanted… pomegranate - split on tree1 5-1-14pomegranate - split on tree2 5-1-14Scattered on the ground… pomegranates fallen on tennis steps 5-1-14… dusty, muddy. pomegranate close-up1 4-1-14pomegranate close-up2 5-1-14pomegranate close-up3 5-1-14
5 to remember
roto/a – broken
una chuchería – a bauble/decoration
abandonado/a – abandoned
podrido/a – rotten/decayed
mate – dull/not shiny

15 thoughts on “Forgotten fruit

  1. Alastair Savage

    I thik Dali includes split pomegranates in some of his paintings. You can see why he was inspired by them after looking at these pics.


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Yes, but we have so many wild trees we can’t possibly eat them all. And some are just in perilous positions. So we prefer to leave them for the birds so we can enjoy watching them enjoy the fruit! SD


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Or cut them in half and bang them on a tea towel to knock the seeds out, then sprinkle them on fruit salads or ice cream. Juice is too much like hard work, my husband did try once. Never twice! SD



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