Raspberry ripple sky

I am pleased to see that Raspberry Ripple ice-cream does still exist in today’s freezer cabinet full of caramel, cookie, pistachio varieties; exotic-flavoured ice-creams that I could not have dreamt of as a child when I didn’t know pistachios existed.

[photo: Wikipedia]

[photo: Wikipedia]

Some evenings, the sky here [below, in November] reminds me of a bowl of old-fashioned Raspberry Ripple ice-cream. sunset1 17-11-13sunset2 17-11-13Spanish supermarkets, sadly, stock neither fresh raspberries nor Raspberry Ripple ice-cream. Raspberries are a very English fruit. sunset3 17-11-13

sunset4 17-11-13sunset5 17-11-135 to remember
la frambuesa – raspberry
una onda – a ripple [on water]
exótico/a – exotic
el caramelo – caramel
el pistacho – the pistachio nut

2 thoughts on “Raspberry ripple sky

  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    This is all your fault – I’m off to the store to buy – raspberry ripple ice cream, and if they don’t have that, some other ripple will have to do.
    Ach, so early in the year and my resolve to do without ice cream is now a promise torn to bits and thrown to the raspberry sky.
    Your fault, Sandra, all your fault.



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