Un premio del sol

The Sunshine Award is one of the happiest blogging prizes I have come across yet. Madhusmita at Dreamznclouds nominated me [thanks Madhusmita!] and on her blog she says: “The award is given to bloggers who are positive, inspiring, creative or whose blogs you just really enjoy reading”.

My little Spanish blog: positive, inspiring and creative? Thank you so much. sunshine-award logo 6-1-14The rules are:-

  1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  2. Share random facts about yourself
  3. Pass the award on to 11 other bloggers

So, visit Madhusmita’s blog at Dreamzandclouds to enjoy her beautiful Indian take on life, her musings and ramblings, her belief in saying ‘yes!’ She is my kind of person, because she believes books can never be boring.

A few random facts about myself… mmm this is more challenging, having already divulged quite a few private facts during this awards season. Here are a few more…

Coffee or tea? Depends on the time of day and my mood, can be up to eight cups of tea a day. When we are in Spain I drink much more coffee, café solo –  black, short, no sugar [Pablo thinks I am mad!];

American Idol or X Factor? No choice for me, American Idol every time. I set it to record on Sky+ and then watch the episodes back-to-back. I like the way AI shows the artists maturing musically, I get a kick from seeing the experienced musicians mentor the contestants. My favourite winner? Phillip Phillips [below]: yes, it was me who smiled at you in the hotel reception in San Francisco after you sung the national anthem at the 2012 World Series, Game 1. Go, Giants!

[photo: ryanseacrest.com]

[photo: ryanseacrest.com]

Woolly jumper or fleece? I am a woolly jumper girl, chunky sweaters are the order of the day here in winter. Today it is hot in the sun, but in the shade it is v chilly.

Breast stroke or front crawl? Again, a no-brainer. I was a slow-learner, eventually swimming for the first time at the age of 10. I was taught breast stroke and that is all I can do. Never worked how to do the breathing thing for crawl.

Hum or sing along? Both, I sing most days. I am like my mother in that way, who would hum along to a tune in her head only she could hear. I also tap my feet in time to music; yes, even when driving. Best music to drive to? Anything by Bruce Springsteen [below]. Bruce Springsteen in 1988 - photo Wikipedia 6-1-14Now to the bloggers who bring sunshine to my reading, I nominate the following 11 bloggers to receive the Sunshine Award:-

Magdalena, a lawyer in Siena who writes Visit Siena – because each time I read it, it reminds me of a wonderful holiday in Italy and makes me want to return again.

The wonderfully-named Lady of the Cakes, written by a multi-lingual, multi-national lady who loves living in Spain. Toledo, a small but perfectly-formed city.

Kildare, Ireland-based photographer Ed Mooney, I love his photographs of ruins, castles, and stone circles.

Sawa Minori at Angelart Star, for her beautiful poems and illustrations.

Homemade with Mess for the tasty, achievable recipes such as ‘chilli, garlic and herb marinated olives’ and ‘rocket, walnut and feta pesto’. Who cares about making a mess in the kitchen, if the food tastes this good!

Photographer Toby Gant, for his beautiful nature photography of North and South Carolina, Georgia and around the USA.

Anna, a Swedish woman taking photos with her i-Phone at Inte Fan Gor Det Det [no, I don’t know what that means either, but her photos are great!]

More photography, this time from Red Stuff Dan who lives in Aquitaine, France.

Julie Montagu, food writer at The Flexi Foodie. I admire her yoga and plant-based diet, her recipes are glorious and make me feel so virtuous!

Lottie Nevin and the intriguing story of her move in 2013 from Indonesia to Spain. Not your everyday house move. “Hasta 2014, Lottie!”

Judith Logan-Farias, artist from Ballymena and one of my fellow contributors to The Milk of Female Kindness: an Anthology of Honest Motherhood [click here to buy on Amazon]. Check out her beautiful illustrations of mother and child.

5 to remember
un premio – a prize
positivo/a – positive
inspirador/a – inspiring
creativo/a – creative
las reflexiones – musings

10 thoughts on “Un premio del sol

  1. roughseasinthemed

    Gosh you read a lot of blogs. Now I might not drink the same tea as you, but I am with you on café solo sans azucar every time. Back when we decided to move to Spain, it was in the days when decent coffee in the UK was few and far between. One of my reasons for choosing Spain was because of the coffee – you are guaranteed good café. That and the wonderful music and cheap beer 😀

    As I type this, I’m wearin … a wooly pully. Bought in Ireland. Got some holes in it though thanks to a rumbustious puppy. Must sew them up. I do have a fleece, or rather we do, given to us by a neighbour who got too fat for it. It’s ok. Not good in the sun though as when it warms up it stinks of petrochemicals.

    I learned breast stroke too, but taught myself back crawl, and eventually front crawl. The breathing thing is ok, when you get used to it, or not breathing in my case. I tend to take a deep breath and swim for six or eight strokes with my head in the water rather than splashing from side to side, I couldn’t manage that. But normally I tend to split my swimming half breast and half back crawl.


    1. sandradan1 Post author

      Swimming lengths is not my favourite pastime, but is essential for a level of ‘nearly fitness’. I wish I could do crawl, I feel like a snail as everyone else passes me! SD


  2. Lottie Nevin

    Many Congratulations on your award, very well deserved. I first started reading your blog when I was living in Indonesia. Your descriptions of food and life in your Spanish valley, wet my appetite for finding a place here of our own, and now, 6 months down the line we are! Sandra, I’m so thrilled to get a mention on here, and really made up to have been included as one of your fellow ‘Sunshiners’! Thank you very much. I’m tickled that you like The Rioja Diaries as much as I enjoy reading Notes on a Spanish Valley! Lottie 😀



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