Raindrops on leaves

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain… and on our valley in Andalucía. raindrops on aloe vera 3-1-14It’s been raining since Boxing Day and the weather forecast for the weekend shows 100% chance of rain again today. raindrops on ivy 3-1-14Everything is sodden, the plants are dripping, the earth is slippery underfoot [click on the photos to see the raindrops in close-up]. It’s not heavy rain, but almost constant light drizzle: this is good for the land, less run-off, more rain soaks in and is therefore better for the crops. raindrops on asparagus fern 3-1-14raindrops on buxus 3-1-14raindrops on succulent 3-1-14But tomorrow something changes, an area of high pressure is moving up from Africa and will push away the weather system coming from the eastern US. Sunday’s forecast says 0% chance of rain and 14°C, climbing to 18°C by Wednesday. January is proving to be its usual unpredictable self.

For accurate predictions of Spanish weather, go to the AEMET [the Agencia Estatal de Meteorológia] website and click on the area/town you need.

raindrops on cipressa 3-1-145 to remember
las gotas de lluvia – raindrops
el pronóstico del tiempo – weather forecast
cien por ciento – 100%
empapado/a – sodden
las plantas estan choreando – the plants are dripping

5 thoughts on “Raindrops on leaves

      1. ladyofthecakes

        Well… a bit of both. I’ll be staying with friends for a month, but seeing as I can’t afford to take a whole month off after not working much at all over Christmas, I’ll be working….


  1. Sharon Bonin-Pratt

    Your weather front comes from Africa! Ours comes from Mexico or the North Pole. To think of all the clouds and moisture swirling around the earth and settling thousands of miles away as raindrops on your garden…



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